Unattended Death Cleanup Narrative

Unattended death cleanup services in Los Angeles County should not cost so much money that a family is caused to go without needed death related services for burial. More, the cost of an unattended death cleanup should be within a family's budget so that they do not need to take out a small loan or in some other way leverage their future for needed cleaning and burial expenses. My name is Eddie Evans and part of my business assaulting families and responsible parties to an unattended death cleanup task receive a fair price for my unattended death cleanup services.

I'm Eddie Evans and I have 17 years experience cleaning after unattended deaths. My work comes with a written guarantee and I never ask a family or business to "sign-off" on my work. Signing-off on an unattended death cleanup allows the cleaning company to disavow any further responsibility for their cleaning service.

I do business by giving a written I guarantee for my work.

Questions I ask

Usually when a family member or a party responsible for a Los Angeles County unattended death cleanup calls me for services, they are stressed as one would expect. Usually callers have little idea of the cleaning requirements and wall. When it looks like there's little to clean, the caller can be mistaken. Plus, callers tend to wander because their minds are on something else. To help make these calls is there I ask questions as quickly as I can do it is a caller situation. These questions are something like what follows here:

  • Can you tell me if this event happened in a house, condominium, apartment, mobile home, recreational vehicle, or some other setting and structure?
    Can you tell me what floor, first floor, second floor, higher?
    Can you tell me in which room this event took place?
    Can you tell me if a mattress, couch, love seat, carpet, or what other objects were involved?
    Can you tell me of pets will be in the building during cleaning?
    Can you tell me if there is running water, electricity, and working toilet?
    Can you tell me if there is nearby parking?
    Can you tell me who will pay and how?
  • Can you tell me who will pay and how?

By asking questions I get an idea about what cleaning chemicals, tools, and equipment I may need. I actually do received telephone calls to clean an unattended death in the Los Angeles home without electricity, running water, and sewerage problems. At such times I may need to drain the toilet or toilets filled to the brim by homeless people who take over the home. In such cases I will need a generator, water vacuums, and various tools for plumbing related work and electricity.

Of course the routine tools associated with unattended death cleanup are carried no matter where I go. Likewise, the cleaning chemicals I use are standard, over-the-counter cleaning chemicals that can be found by families. I prefer over-the-counter chemicals because every family ever has a question about what ideas the clean, they only need to go to Home Depot or the local supermarket to verify the contents of the chemicals I use. Household bleach is a very common disinfectant that I lose as well as rubbing alcohol and Pine-Sol. I like to use simple green as well.

If you are doing do-it-yourself unattended death cleanup, you may flying the same or similar comments found on my unattended death cleanup page.

At times some demolition work is required because an unattended death will allow for various fluids that include blood and related deaths in fluids to migrate across floors. Once they reach a drywall the maze so the wall, which requires that part of the wall to be removed. At times these fluids may leak between the wall and the floor into the area below. Sometimes these fluids will make their way into for cracks were an old wood floors considered damage. Such cases the floor and must come out just like soiled wall. I can replace these materials if needed, but I recommend that families or responsible parties use a handyman.


Written Guarantee Example

My written guarantee is very simple and straightforward. I asked calling parties to email me their name, telephone number, address for the unattended death cleanup, and my low-price quoted in my not to exceed price quoted. I return this email and guarantee my work and writing in return email. Because I use AOL courts accept this written email as a legal document. It's that simple.

In the past 17 years I returned to three unattended death cleanup scenes. One of these I returned to in the last three years and found a small speck in the shower most likely had nothing to do with the deaths then. I cleaned it just the same because it's my belief I need to satisfy my customers concerns. On another occasion I returned on my own volition because I felt something was amiss, and I'm glad I did return. I did find blood that I missed I realize I have missed it because it somehow made its way into a dark area that I could have lit I taken my time. I don't make this mistake anymore. Their time is requested to visit Los Cruices, New Mexico and found mold behind a curtain in a bedroom. This had nothing to do with the deaths. Just the same, I wipe it off because I didn't want my clients to feel that I have reneged on my unattended death cleanup guarantee.


Los Angeles County Homeowners Insurance

Most often when a Los Angeles County family are responsible party calls they are unaware that their home must suffer structural damage so that they can invoke their homeowners insurance. I do not cause structural insurance damage related cleaning. This means that when I arrive, and I can clean the unattended death scene without causing structural damage, meaning that I do demolition work, I do not cause damage.

So why bring it up at all?

It is the case that my competitors cause structural damage in order to justify taking out a piece a wall or floor needlessly. They do this because they know without this damage homeowners insurance will not be invoked in most cases. They do this because they have employees must be paid and besides, my competitors are not satisfied with working for hundreds of dollars. The for thousands of dollars.

Plus, compare my small business owner and cleaner business to the larger unattended death cleanup businesses in Los Angeles County. I do all the cleaning myself. On occasion my wife will come along and help me carry out tools and equipment. Otherwise, I have only myself to pay. My competitors must pay their employees by the hour. This gives these employees and motivation to prolong their work. More, in some cases they are probably required to prolong their work. Why so? Because the more hours that can be placed on the invoice more hours that can be charged to the insurance company.

And of course I do not need to pay for Social Security taxes, Workmen's Compensation, vacation pay overtime, or for employee vehicles.


Payment by Check

Management Companies

Apartment and condominium management companies often pay by check. This is the only way they can do it. Although some could be any with petty cash, they usually prefer not to. And I usually accept checks from his companies. Only twice in 17 years have I been cheated by such companies. One was in bankruptcy and still called for my unattended death cleanup services, which meant that I needed to drive to another state. Was a large drop to. Nobody bothered to say that I would not receive payment. These companies are far and few between it appears.

When it comes to dealing with families face-to-face, I have never been cheated. I clean for families who were dirt poor made payments over a three-month period. I have had wealthy families that pay by check. All in all, his businesses go, the unattended death cleanup business is pretty good when it comes to getting paid for services. I think it is this way because families and responsible parties understand that I provide a very special service. Often times people will say, "thank goodness for people like you Eddie."

Small and Large Los Angeles County Corporations

For small and large corporations, I accept cash payment up to 30 days after a death cleanup or soon after 30 days.

Unlike apartment and condominium management companies, small and large corporations seldom experience unattended deaths. When they do, it's most likely related to a homicide or suicide. In such cases, the unattended death dies when the homicide victim succumbs to injuries that prevented them from reaching help. In the case of suicides, most suicides in the United States occur unattended, which gives them the dual heading as both homicides and unattended deaths.


Los Angeles County Families


Cash Payment

Sometimes my unattended death cleanup these are so low that Los Angeles County families prefer to pay by cash. One reason they prefer to pay by cash is that we can settle the matter quickly on the spot and get it out of their life. They do not want to check hovering around or checking account. And I am happy to set a standard for these families. My standard is to take the checks as requested and use it for my tax purposes. The suits both parties.

Credit Cards

I accept credit cards through PayPal. When I do this requires families and responsible parties to visit my PayPal page. Here they find links to a second page that begins the PayPal process the payment. MasterCard and Visa credit and debit cards are accepted. This does take a bit of time and patience, sadly. But it is the best I can do.

You see, years ago when I did keep a bank account for my unattended death cleanup payment purposes, a tiny number of people did somehow not have acceptable credit card numbers. Of course this was always cleared up, but I need to make payment on my own bills. Now this sounds contradictory to my above comments regarding families and responsible parties paying me without problems. And it is so. It's just that a few years ago had problems with her cards. In the end I got..


Unattended Deaths Explained

The majority of unattended death cleanup tasks in Los Angeles County that I have worked on occurred in the bathroom. Why so?

It happens that the majority of unattended deaths occur among the baby boomers, those folks in their 60s, 70s, 80s and older. Their hearts are weaker and they have diseases and illnesses. In the early morning hours when they rise to use the restroom, while on the commode defecating their stomach diaphragm pushes against their heart because their straining. As a result they may pass away on the toilet. If you remain on the toilet and others fall to the side of the toilet. Some folks managed to get up from the toilet and begin making their way to the door, some get beyond the door to the kitchen, and it is in these other rooms and hallways were they expire. This is where I claim these unattended deaths just like a an unattended death cleanup practitioners.

You might wonder what you can do to overcome an unattended death on a toilet in the early morning hours. Well, in my opinion, when a person reaches the stage of life they need to do to otherwise, I think that having an easy diet would be helpful. I know that large stakes than traditional meals cause bowel movement problems with people, especially the elderly. Therefore, it seems reasonable switch to a vegetarian like diet. This does not mean to be solely prudent vegetable eating, but it does mean to go easy on the meets and breads. Of course speech is out of the question