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I'm Eddie Evans and I have 15 years experience cleaning after unattended deaths. My work comes with a written guarantee and I never ask a family or business to "sign-off" on my work. Signing-off on an unattended death cleanup allows the cleaning company to disavow any further responsibility for their cleaning service.

That's not how I do business. I guarantee my work, period.

Questions I ask

Most often when I receive a telephone inquirer about my unattended death cleanup service, I ask a number of questions. Among these questions I may ask the following:

  • Can you tell me if you have homeowners insurance and if you have called?
  • Where did this incident occurr? In a house, condominium, apartment, mobile home, recreation vehicle, or other place?
  • Did this incident occur in a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, or hallway?
  • Did this incident occur upon a mattress, couch, chair, or other piece of furniture?
  • Can you tell me if this incident occurred on a wood floor or concrete floor upon a covering like carpet, natural stone, or linoleum?
  • Have you called other unattended death cleanup companies?
  • If no insurance, who will pay and how?

Each of these questions helps to inform me about the nature of the death scene while helping to alert my callers to the tasks and resources they have at hand. I know beforehand that most callers know about the nature of an unattended death cleanup; in fact, only by cleaning after an unattended death will a cleaner, professional or not, gain the skills and knowledge best applied to this type of death cleanup. Most of us have the required skills before we begin.

When I say, "Most of us have the required skills" to complete and unattended death cleanup, I report on those skills not requirering demolition work. It's the nature of death cleanu in general, including-``


Written Guarantee Example

Mr. R.

Thank you for writing to Biosafe.

I'm going to assume that I have cleaned for you before.
Can you tell me if this death cleanup follows an unattended death.
Can you tell me how long the decedent was down after death and then picked up by the coroner?
If I'm guessing right, it sounds like there's little if any fluid migration to and into a wall or down a wall into adjoin structures.
I would need $3 to $5 for this cleanup. That's a flat fee and covers all materials and comes with a written guarantee.
Odors begin to disperse and depend on the length of time the descendent was down, surrounding materials (wood and cotton materials for example).
Price and work guaranteed.


<<Thank you for the reply.

Based on the below and our telephone conversation, I believe that a firm quote of $5 for this cleanup will cover the needed services.
eddie evans
In a message dated 9/28/2014 9:34:28 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, nd@mail.net writes:

Hi Eddie, 

Yes, you have cleaned two unattended death scene in our SRO units here for us earlier this year. We now have you set up as a vendor, so payments to you should be processed faster than they previously were. 

Unattended death.

Deceased was down approximately 24 hours prior to being removed by the mortuary.

All fluid migration is limited to the floor.

 If you provide mw with a firm quote, I will issue you a PO, and we can discuss scheduling the clean-up. I am best reached at (347) 808-3333.>>

Homeowners Insurance for Unattended Death Cleanup Coverage-

Homeowners Insurance

To invoke your homeowner's insurance, some sort of structural damage must occur, in many cases. What this means is that your death cleanup company must cause damage to a wall or floor for your insurance company to cover the damage and replacement costs. Most often blood and other potentially infectious matterial's damage to carpet will not invoke your insurance policy. But, this is not a strick rule. Call your insurance company first and find out what sort of unattended death cleanup coverage you have if any.

Sometimes a long-timie client with a large policy will receive special attention for covering many items destroyed during blood and OPIM cleanup, which does not include structural damage (damage to walls and floors). In any case, it's important to contact your insurance company following an unattended death. Learn what is and is not covered for unattended death cleanup fees.

Homeowners insurance is abbreviated as HOI and is also known as home insurance and hazard insurance. Policies often cover incidents within a home and without. This type of insurance covers private residences and is often covered with personal insurance protections. These include the contents and additional living expenses incurred during an incident. Liability insurance for accidents that may happen in a home or outside often come with homeowners insurance.

Homeowners policies are known as "multiple-line insurance policies," and this helps to understand the joining of property insurance with liability insurance. A single premium payment covers all risks. These policies represent legal contracts between insurance carrier (insurance company) and the name insured(s). Coverage covers such incidents as floods, wars, falling trees, floods, and other man-made and natural occurrences. An unattended death cleanup may follow an unattended death occurring from either man-made or natural causes.

Payment by Check

Housing Management Companies

Some of my return clients include apartment and condominimum management companies. These businesses experience a high number of unattended deaths because of their renter's circumstances. Many time older populations surviving the loss of a spouse move into apartments and condominimums for the company of others as well as personal security; hence, management companies must deal with a larger number of unattended death cleanup situations than the general American population.

Of course I accept their checks and ask for payment in 30 days or sometime soon after 30 days.

Small and Large Corporations

For small and large corporations, I accept cash payment up to 30 days after a death cleanup or soon after 30 days.

Unlike apartment and condominium management companies, small and large corporations seldom experience unattended deaths. When they do, it's most likely related to a homicide or suicide. In such cases, the unattended death dies when the homicide victim succumbs to injuries that prevented them from reaching help. In the case of suicides, most suicides in the United States occur unattended, which gives them the dual heading as both homicides and unattended deaths.


I accent check payment from families and ask that a family's responsible party ensure that I have the name of the paying party, when I can expect payment, and other information. Most often this approach works well, but when checks do not clear, it creates an added business burden. I cannot help others if checks fail to clear in a timely manner.

Cash Payment

Some families prefer to pay in cash which is fine by me. My fees are usually small enough to ensure that a cash payment does not cause an undue burden on families. Ask about this payment method. I find that cash payments often appeal to families on the road from another state. It happens that some times a family meets me in another state than their own because of circumstances.

Credit Cards

I no longer accept credit cards because of their expense and past problems.




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