Unattended Death Cleanup


I'm Eddie Evans and I have 15 years experience cleaning after unattended deaths. My work comes with a written guarantee and I never ask a family or business to "sign-off" on my work. Signing off on an unattended death cleanup means the responsible party agrees that the cleaning company no longer has responsibility for their cleaning work.

Such policies have no place in the unattended death clean up business. There's more to a death scene than meets the uninitiated observer. On another page I write about the meaning of an unattended death's consequences for the physical environment in which it occures. These conditions often surpass a family or friends skills and knowledge when it comes to cleaning after unattended deaths.

Skills, abilities, and knowledge acquired by the death cleanup practitioner lead to a quicker, more thorough cleaning than the inexperienced family members or friends willing to undertake this task.

For cleaning abilities, most people have what it takes to clean after an unattended death. For most of us it's a matter of having the will to confront the horrific found in an unattended death scene; odors too play a part in causing a sense of the horrific in the unaniciated. But because they lack the knowledge their abilities and skills fail to remove the offending matter in the least offensive manner. Yes, families may clean after an unattended death and many do. In fact, only in our most recent history, especially after the US Government required the Occupational and Safety Administration (OSHA) to protect workers exposed to human blood and other potentially infectious materials (OPIM), did the unattended death cleanup business model develop.

In truth, OSHA's goal to protect American labor from needle stick in medical settings did protection for other workers arrive. Protection from bloodborne pathogens known as human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and hepatitis C, for example, call more more than the usual cleaning supplies used in household and commercial cleaning. Eye and mouth protection, gloves, and even gowns became part of the standard death cleanup protection for death cleanup practitioners.



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The sound of the phrase "Unattended death" both shocks and surprises us when heard for the first time. There's no mistaking its meaning once comprehended and upon comprehended its meaning, a feeling of deep loss usually follows.